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Where do I get my discount code and how do I use it ?

Discount codes are distributed to you –the employee- by your HR department, typically these codes are communicated by email or on your companies intranet alongside with a description of the services, if you don’t know your discount code contact your HR department or our customer service with your full details.

To use your Discount Code, please go to a Product Page and follow the next steps:

Step 1 : Click on the "Add to Cart"-button to add the product to your Shopping Cart
Step 2 : View your Shopping Cart in the page header and locate the discount code field.
Step 3 : Fill in your Discount Code and press the "Apply coupon"-button to activate the discount.
Step 4 : After activation of your Discount Code on the Shopping Cart, press the "Checkout"-button to view the Checkout page where you can confirm your order and make the online payment.


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